Snowbirds Welcome

Basic Guidelines for your stay at Clearwater RV Park. If you do not know, please ask us! PLEASE NOTE: Management/Owner reserves sole discretion concerning the interpretation and/or intent of Park policies, procedures, standard operating practices and rules of Clearwater RV Park. All rules are enforced on all customers to maintain fairness, safety and order. 

      We want your stay to be a home away from home experience. 

      Even at home, basic housekeeping rules are a good idea!

Smoking is not allowed  in any building or common area of the park. 

The garbage dumpster is for household waste only. No organic material (grass, leaves, limbs) or large bulky items. Please break down cardboard boxes. Keep all units neat and orderly. Please use the dumpster daily, outside garbage cans are not allowed at your site.

No storage or personal effects outside of your unit: including freezers, refrigerators, window air conditioners, garbage cans, large tables, excessive chairs, potted plants (max of 10), excessive decorations (max of 2). Please pay the extra water fee if you are watering plants frequently, especially in summer months. Pay excessive water usage fees as indicated: washing car/campers, watering plants, small pools, etc.

Do not overload (>10 lbs) or misuse the laundry machines. Please do not put more than one washing machine load into a  dryer: that is too much weight for our dryers. Do not wash/dry large pillows, blankets or comforters.  It is not a good idea to leave your laundry unattended as it often causes others to have to wait, be courteous to others time. Use liquid detergent only. If you have free giveaways, you may leave in the laundry room but please remove after 3 days if they are not taken. Please keep both doors to the laundry room and bathrooms shut. There is a dehumidifier in use, particularly in summer months. Quarters are available in the office. Outside clothes lines are not allowed.

Keep pets (cats & dogs)  on leash at all times when outside. Excessive barking is not allowed. Pets can not be left unattended or tied up at any time. If your pet is outside, you must be outside with them and they must be on a leash. Always pick up after your pets. All pets must be properly vaccinated. No animals in common areas: laundry rooms, bathrooms or any park buildings

Do not feed feral (wild or unowned) cats on park grounds.

Do not feed ducks bread products; it's bad for their digestion.

Please slow down: Speed limit is 5 miles per hour everywhere in the park. Security cameras are in place, speeding may result in fines.

Park your vehicle in your assigned parking area.  Park parallel to your camper/RV; not parallel to the road.  Some lots only have room for one vehicle, extra parking is available at the office. Enter the park & circle to your lot so that you pull directly into the spot whenever possible.  Move your vehicle when lawn care providers are in the park if at all possible. Avoid hitting road markers, fees may apply if you continuously knock them down.

Stay off of grass & muddy areas if at all possible. Walk & drive on gravel if possible.

Excessive noise and/or loud behavior is not allowed. Quiet time is 10PM through 7AM.

Check out time is 11AM. Please call the office if you need to extend your stay.

If you are expecting mail; please check the small mailbox to the left of the front door office frequently.  You cannot change your address to the business address, but you can have your mail forwarded.  Mail received will be placed in the box daily. Packages will be on the front porch to left of the office door unless you request other arrangements. 

Children under age 18  must be supervised  at all times by an adult. 

No tarps on roofs,  vehicles or the ground. Repair as soon as possible roofs, leaking sewer/water hoses, flat tires & tattered/torn awnings.

Leave shower and laundry neat and clean.  Use of shower is $20 per month for monthly stays, please inquire at office if you need to use shower facilities. 

Large outdoor mats must be made of a material which allows grass to grow. Rotate mats frequently to avoid killing grass and/or creating mud holes. Do not disturb landscaping. A fee of $75 will be charged for any damaged grass.

No outside firewood is permitted. Firewood can be purchased at the office. Fire rings are for wood and paper only, no garbage.  Please ask if you need to move a fire ring or benches.

Large tent/gazebos may be allowed for temporary functions & must be removed when not in use. If you need to put up any temporary/permanent structure, please check with the office first before you install it.

Pond fishing is allowed: catch and release only.

Golf carts must be insured and remain on roads. No children under 18  are allowed to operate.  Please limit use when grounds are wet. Any other forms of small motorized vehicles are not allowed. 

Water and/or electricity may be turned off at any given time for repairs and/or to prevent damage to systems.

Fireworks, firearms or illegal items are not to be brought into the park.

Pearl River County does not allow alcoholic beverages.

Pay your lot fees on time to avoid late fees. It is our practice to charge $75 if fees are more than 72 hrs past due.

The clubhouse is exclusively for park events, snowbirds, camping clubs & 4 or more units staying more than 1 night. Should you like to use the clubhouse for personal use, please contact the office.


Extended stay RV's must be washed every 6 months. 

Please notify management of any conditions requiring attention.